The Story Behind The Name

How ViSIA came to be. VISIA’s brand name comes from an acronym that represents our marketing process.

The VISIA process is a result of our years spent working alongside agencies, local, and multinational companies as well as our understanding that organizations, still to this day, need a clear path to marketing success. Everyday, we use this exact process to develop and execute innovative, forward-thinking Ideas for our clients.

Vision - Dig Deep

The first step is to take a step back dig deep and understand the situation. We’ll listen, discuss the services you seek, and we’ll also give you a design solution to your business problem.

Visual: V is visualized as an arrow pointing down, digging deep

Intelligence - Expertise

We get to work by doing extensive brand evaluation, research and positioning for the brand. Our decades long expertise helps us derive with key intelligence for your project.

Visual: The letter I is represented as an Italics - leaning forward with experience

Strategy - Focus

Using this intelligence, we develop the strategy, and approach factoring in your objectives. We brainstorm ideas with the creative team.
Strategic focus is key driver here.

Visual: The letter S is designed to visualized as a bracket that stands for focus.

Innovation - Experiments

Using the strategic focus our design team develops a variety of creative concepts for your project. The approach is to set your brand on its new innovative course. 

Visual: The letter I is represented as an Italics - a forward moving and experimental mindset

Application - Accelerate

‍After your review and approval, we’ll take the plunge into execution. What’s unique about digital is that we can monitor results and tweak creative to accelerate results.

Visual: A stands for acceleration and a upward arrow suggests growth